XBox Live Arcade Sales Coming

I’m glad I didn’t jump on a few of these XBLA games for Christmas presents! They are going on sale starting the 21st of this month. I know a couple of these that will be in the download queue! For those that can’t decide on what to get the gamer in your family, Microsoft Points work well, and they can be used on anything in the Microsoft Marketplace.

Super Meat Boy (800 MSP, normally 1,200)
Comic Jumper (800 MSP, normally 1,200)
Toy Soldiers (800 MSP, normally 1,200)
Banjo Tooie (600 MSP, normally 1,200)
Castle Crashers (600 MSP, normally 1,200)
The UnderGarden (400 MSP, normally 800)
Risk Factions (400 MSP, normally 800)
After Burner Climax (400 MSP, normally 800)
Borderlands: Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution (400 MSP, normally 800)
Carcassonne (400 MSP, normally 800