First PC Kinect Game Announced

Although Microsoft hasn’t officially spoken out about PC compatibility of the Kinect for developers, there is a game announced for the PC that will utilize the Kinect. The Kinect was hacked within a week after launch, and many proof of concept applications have already been developed for Linux and Windows (one using a Wii controller for extra interoperability!). I’m sure CES 2011 will bring out a lot of new announcements from several companies, Microsoft included, that use the Kinect for the PC.

GamePrix told IncGamers that its game Divine Soul will include support for Kinect for its combat mode. The company also says that “there are many [PC] game companies that are trying to apply for this system.”

Questions abound concerning the announcement, including why GamePrix is divulging Kinect support when no other PC game company has, and does this mean an announcement about official Windows support for Kinect is coming sooner than later. Or is GamePrix just building support into its game and hoping that hackers take care of the rest? Maybe next month’s CES will provide a more definitive answer.