Windows Phone 7 Passes 5000 Apps

Microsoft’s Application market for the Windows Phone 7 has surpassed the 5,000 mark and is still growing fast. While it still pales in comparison to the Android Market or Apple App Store, it is still a major achievement. I plan on making a few WP7 applications as soon as Verizon releases a WP7 on their network. I have the emulator and Visual Studio 2010 ready, just need an actual phone to test things on. Hurry up, Verizon! Your customers are waiting! I’m ready to ditch Android. I don’t care if you ever offer an iPhone, I want the Windows Phone 7!

The store size is still well behind those of Apple (300,000) and Google (100,000) but, in roughly two months, has closed in on virtually all small-scale mobile app portals. It has already caught up to Palm’s 1.5 year old webOS store and now has a third of the 15,000 apps of BlackBerry App World despite RIM’s store being older than Palm’s.