Windows 8 Introduced At CES

CES is always a great time of year, especially with all the announcements of new gadgets and software. Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer and Steven Sinofsky showcased some new features of Windows 8, mostly the SoC (System on a Chip) with ARM based processors. They haven’t name dropped Windows 8 yet, only referring to it as the New Version of Windows. Not much else has been mentioned with any new features or UI details, so hopefully those will come soon after CES at another trade show. With the ARM announcement, it shows that the New Version of Windows will run on more than just PC’s and Laptops, and will be focused on multiple devices like tablets and other portable devices.

With today’s announcement, we’re showing the flexibility and resiliency of Windows through the power of software and a commitment to world-class engineering. We continue to evolve Windows to deliver the functionality customers demand across the widest variety of hardware platforms and form factors,” Sinofsky said.
The announcement is just the start of our dialog with a broad community around Windows and, as with Windows 7, we will be engaging in the broadest pre-release program of any operating system. So there is a lot more to come,” He added further.