Nokia – Microsoft Deal Good For Users

Microsoft has partnered with Nokia for it’s new Windows Phone 7 device. Whether or not this is a good deal or not is yet to be seen. But, with Nokia’s past success and Microsoft’s current success with the WP7, it looks like a great combination.

For Microsoft, of course, the deal was a no-brainer. Its newly launched mobile OS received favorable press and reviews, but has had a slow start in consumer adoption. Microsoft isn’t releasing actual consumer sales numbers, a telling sign that it doesn’t have a number worth bragging about yet. However, it will talk about licenses sold – 2.1 million, by last count. The number represents the faith the mobile operators have in Microsoft’s OS.

For the record, Microsoft’s official statement on handset sales is that it “doesn’t know” the numbers – that’s data the operators have, not it.  “But returns are low,” Microsoft’s mobile director Brandon Watson claims. And based on exit surveys done by a third party outfit, Microsoft found that 93% of new Windows Phone 7 customers are reporting that they’re either “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their new devices.