Windows 8 Milestone 3

According to WinRumors, the first Windows 8 Milestone 3 build has been compiled. This is some great news, and perhaps a beta build is likely sometime this year. Although Microsoft looks to be concentrating on the ARM and Tablets for an initial release of Windows 8, I’m sure a x64 version isn’t too far behind.

The company signed off on its final M2 build before compiling M3 this week. Microsoft’s internal Windows 8 roadmap states that the company planned to begin M3 builds on February 28. The company compiled build 6.2.7956.0.winmain_win8m3.110228-1701 on Monday according to Canouna over at MDL. Microsoft began compiling Milestone 1 builds of Windows 8 in early August 2010. The software giant finalized the M1 build in early December after four months of development. M2 builds began in early December and were finalized in late February. Milestone 3 development is expected to last until early June. The current schedule could mean we’ll see a Windows 8 beta during September at PDC.