Bing Passes Yahoo As #2 Search Engine

Look out Google, your match has come. Bing has surpassed Yahoo to take the number two space in the search engine empire. Ok, so Google doesn’t have much to worry about, still holding nearly 90% of overall searches. But, in the short time that Bing has been around, it has been grabbing search engine traffic away from other giants. Yahoo used to be #1, back in the day when Excite was a big contender. The Internet has seen some giants come and go in a relatively short amount of time. Lets just hope these giants can keep innovating and keeping the results relevant and reliable.

Let’s take a look at the hard numbers. In February, Bing nabbed 4.37% of the global share, just ahead Yahoo! at 3.93%. They both still pale in comparison to Google’s whopping 89.94% share of the pie, but it is interesting to see Bing growing. All of those TV product placements must be helping.