KinEmote To Connect Kinect to PC

KinEmote is software to use the Kinect on your PC. I’m sure with more software taking advantage of the Kinect, it’s only a matter of time before it hits critical mass and there are MANY games and applications designed especially for the PC and Kinect.

Angry Birds using KinEmote



Features new in version 0.4 beta
– Virtual Mouse mode with push-to-click action.
– Enhanced visual notifications in Boxee and XBMC.
– Choice of ‘push’ or ‘wrist wave’ to initiate hand tracking sessions.
– Audio notifications for session start, front plane, back plane and session end.
– Enhanced video feedback panel.
– HUD style indicators on video feedback that react to menu navigation and plane selection.
– Camera LED notifications – off when inactive, green for front plane, red for back plane.
– Xbox Kinect motor control to adjust the angle of your camera.
– Completely revised settings menus for simple intuitive configuration.
– Updated main user interface.