New App Lets IE6 Apps Run on IE8/9

A new application is being developed, called UniBrows, that allows users to run applications designed for Internet Explorer 6 while using a newer version of the browser. Using IE6 for the sake of an old application is a huge security risk, among other reasons. I wonder how many of these businesses still run DOS applications because making Windows applications cost more to develop.

Microsoft has not been helpful by telling users to rewrite IE6 apps as it did in this letter to customers: “Update and remediate your applications to IE8 as soon as possible." While this remediation process can take time and effort, it is the preferred and best solution.” One Browsium customer told Schare that rewriting just one IE6-configured app to run in IE8 could cost his company $5 million. In a typical enterprise running thousands of apps, there may be only 10 or 20 that run only in IE6, but 10 or 20 times $5 million is an expense that can be hard to justify. And besides, in some situations, the developer who wrote the original app for IE6 may no longer be with the company.