Kinect Demo: Fantastic Pets

If you bought a Kinect for your family, you’ll find that most of the Kinect games are child friendly. Here’s another kid friendly game: Fantastic Pets. Microsoft has just released the demo to Xbox Live for you to test it out and buy it if you like it. I’m not sure how it’s going to compare or compete with Kinectimals, but I’m going to have to load it up and give it a shot.


Fantastic Pets is the only video game that lets players create the pet of their dreams – real or fantastical! Selecting from four different animal species – dog, cat, lizard or horse – players can customize and create countless variations of pets to nurture, train and play with. For the first time ever players can join their pets on-screen and play together as if their pets were real, living creatures using augmented reality technology on the Microsoft Kinect. Players can use both voice and full-body commands to nurture, play, train and grow closer to his or her animal friend. Players compete in Talent Shows to level up their Pet Trainer to unlock new customization options, accessories and achievements!

Add the free demo to your Xbox 360 download queue