Microsoft Switching To 100% Recycled Paper

Microsoft has made the decision to help out the environment a bit more, switching to 100% recycled paper in it’s Puget Sound offices, including the main Redmond campus. This is a great move for a company the size of Microsoft. I’d like to see more companies follow suit and do their part. Too many companies are focusing on the bottom line and disregarding any negatives of their decisions (like the oil companies).

Beginning April 22, Grays Harbor Paper will begin supplying Microsoft with a complete rollout of the product line to follow in the ensuing months. The move will replace Microsoft’s current printing stock, made with 30 percent recycled material, and the company anticipates the substitution will yield an annual savings of approximately 2,500 million BTUs in net energy, the equivalent of 750 million pounds of carbon dioxide, and will preserve roughly 8,000 trees each year.