Possible Kinect 2 In Development

For as long as the Xbox 360 has been out, there have been rumors, suggestions and news surrounding the replacement for the great Xbox 360. Recently, the Kinect accessory was released for the console. Now, there are rumors that they are already working on the successor for it, according to NowGamer and Microsoft job postings.

"BINC is onsite at Microsoft’s Bay Area Campus in Mountain View helping the Xbox HW organization ramp up their Silicon Architecture and Development team to build the next generation Xbox and Kincet devices," reads the description on a BINC employee’s LinkedIn page. "With 8 million Kinects sold in the first 60 days of launch and 50 million Xbox consoles sold it is an exciting time for Xbox. The team is innovating in graphics, audio, and video architecture, 3d sensing, natural user interface, and fabless semiconductor technologies."