Milestone 2 Windows 8 Leaked

Build 7955 of Windows 8, which is part of Milestone 3, has been leaked to private FTP sites and will be showing up on Torrent sites later today. This is a newer build than the last leak and has a few new features: Windows Explorer with ribbon UI, a pattern based login screen, native PDF reader, Advanced Task Manager, and much more.

I guess some ‘Softies aren’t really being hush-hush on the new Windows, and their hard work is getting leaked. It’s nice to have some insight to what is coming in the future OS, but if you do check it out be sure to realize that it is far from being finished or even a beta or RC build. New features are being added, as well as others being refined and optimized. It is in no way reflective on how the final product will ship. Some features may be removed, changed and added. So, if something crashes or runs slow, don’t complain.

Build leak: Windows 8 Build 7955 Milestone 2 Build
Build String:

Size: 2.47GB (2,657,079,296 bytes)
MDA Hash: 40861A02CB14B0D2D7930910DB6CC6E4