MS Employee Builds 737 Cockpit at Home

I’m a big fan of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator series having used it since it was first released on the PC. I haven’t gone to the extremes of this Microsoft employee, but I would sure love to go play at his house sometime! It’s amazing!

How much of the controls actually work compared to just being “eye candy”?
Practically everything I have works as the real plane, even the lights dimmer. The motored throttles have given it the final touch, as follows the autopilot logic that I have also coded. I have some dummy parts still, but just because I didn’t have the time, like the chronometer and the yaw dumper gauge. The other area where software is replacing hardware is the overhead panel and the pedestal area (with radio controls), I don’t have the space to do it but once I have more space I will definitely jump into them.