Two MSFT Employees Fired Over Windows 8 Leaks

Two employees of Microsoft have been fired due to their involvement in the recent leaks of the upcoming operating system Windows 8. Although this is currently still a rumor with no word from Microsoft, it is from a well known leak tracker. I am awaiting the first legit beta from Microsoft on Windows 8, and am getting excited! I’m hoping I could be an official beta tester this round.

Microsoft is currently compiling different versions of Windows 8 that require a “red pill” licensing check to enable certain features. WinRumors understands that most of the publicly leaked builds are from branches of Microsoft’s build process that do not contain a specific DLL required for loading a number of new Windows 8 features. It is understood that certain branches of Windows 8 contain extra components that activate with a specific Windows key. The components likely unlock the full Tablet immersive UI of Windows 8, one that the company is working hard to keep under wraps.