Windows 7 Was My Idea! Windows 8: Not So Much…

Windows 7 had the commercials and focused on consumer feedback and suggestions to improve the operating system. It seems that with Windows 8, that is not longer the case.

A former IT manager, Chris Carlucci, had sent Microsoft an email for a suggestion to improve Windows 8. The reply he got from Microsoft Customer Service Representative Alex was less than encouraging.

For Alex began in a hopeful tone: "I understand you would like to submit suggestion for the next generation of Windows. I will be glad to assist you with the information."

However, things went a little awry in the very next paragraph: "Chris, I would like to inform you that, while Microsoft does accept suggestions for existing products and services, we do not accept suggestions for new products, technologies, processes."

So, while Microsoft may take some suggestions for products that are currently released and in production, they will not take any for upcoming products. How this makes the products better is beyond me. Perhaps to improve later editions of software, but leave the current (or near release) buggy and incomplete by a consumer viewpoint.