Corporate America To Skip Windows 8

Fox News, with help from research firm Gartner, has it’s doubts that Windows 8 will make much of a splash in the enterprise market when it is released. Claiming that Windows 7 was such a success and many still on Windows XP that they will just skip Windows 8 as they did with Windows Vista. Of course, the “saving grace” of the next edition of Windows is going to be the tablet market. For an operating system that hasn’t even been released, or shown to the public in any beta form, people are making some harsh judgments on the software.

Michael Silver, a vice president at research firm Gartner who studies personal computers, exclusively told that many companies have what he calls “migration fatigue” and will skip Windows 8 entirely.

 UPDATE: Ed Bott does an excellent job rebutting the article from Fox News with some excellent responses.