Compare Windows 8 to iPad Boot Times

Aidan Finn has conducted a very non-scientific test to compare the boot times, both cold and warm (wake up) boots using the Samsung tablet given out at BUILD and the iPad 1. Both are very comparable  in speed. Considering that Windows 8 is far from finished and the boot times are usually faster between beta and RTM. It looks like Apple is going to have a lot of competition in the tablet field soon. I’m definitely looking forward to the new OS release.

When I got off my plane from Anaheim in Chicago, I went to the nearest power station to recharge my devices for the next leg to Dublin.  I noticed something interesting; my Windows 8 (Developer Preview release) slate PC booted up much faster than my 10 month old iPhone 4.  I wondered how that would compare with my iPad (1).  One of the perks of the iPad has been quick access to the device when I needed it.  It seemed like I needed to do a comparison test.