Windows Live For Windows 8–Metro

I have to say I am very impressed by the new Windows Live for Windows 8 using the Metro UI. Looks very easy to use, very user friendly and allows you to connect using Skydrive, your home PC, Facebook and your local device. So, you can be with your files every when you’re away from your files!

Windows Live Essentials MetroUI

An important aspect of our applications is that they are connected to the services you use every day, so you can quickly get a view of what’s happening. We know most people have more than one mail address, and Mail connects to multiple mail accounts, at home or at work. Calendar connects to your work and personal calendar, as well as calendars from friends, co-workers, or family members who have a Windows Live ID. People is a connected address book, bringing together contacts from work, home, and popular networks including Facebook and LinkedIn. Messaging keeps track of all of your IM conversations across Messenger, Facebook, and other connected IM networks. And Photos lets you view your photos, whether on your PC, another PC, SkyDrive, or other popular services.