Why Windows Phone 7 Isn’t Winning

There have been a few theories floating around the web this weekend on why the Windows Phone 7 platform isn’t as successful as it should be. One reason stems from the name: Windows Phone 7. It says that it isn’t a new platform and it is still Windows. WP7 is still Windows, but it is a huge change from previous versions.

Another issue: market fragmentation. Apple has none (they make the devices and OS), Android has many (they make OS, makers customize it and release various hardware). Windows Phone 7 is right in between. They have a tight hold on their OS, forcing updates to all carriers. They also have a strict hardware minimum requirements for hardware developers. Not giving much control to the hardware manufacturers nor to the carriers is what may be hindering them from being as successful as they should be.

Personally, I chalk it up to a few reasons. Aside from what has been mentioned above by others. Most users want what has been tested and works. iOS works. Their friends have it. It does a lot. Android was the major competitor. Anti-Apple users love it and they can be extremely low cost and there are a LOT of devices out there that run Android OS. It has become very familiar and a lot of people own them. Their friends have it. Windows, on the other hand, has proven in the past to be a business phone (similar to Blackberry). It is all business, no fun. Windows Phone 7 changes that, but it hasn’t really proven it yet.

There is a lack of apps due to developers wanting to make applications for the dominating market (iOS and Android). Even though Windows Phone 7 is reviewed very highly by its users, it hasn’t been accepted into the “friend zone” where it would need to be. It’s still a very niche product. Until it is more widely accepted and becomes more popular with the teen group (which play a lot of games), I don’t see it getting out of the “friend zone”. People buy what their friends have, they buy what’s trendy (in general). Windows Phone 7 isn’t there yet. Hopefully, with some better marketing and incentives for the carriers to promote it, it will gain some market share and the confidence of more users.