IE6 Below 1% in US

For those last few that have yet to upgrade above Internet Explorer 6: Do it. Internet Explorer 6 usage has dropped below 1% in the US. That shows that there are still a few people out there that not only still have IE6 installed, they still use the ancient browser. I’m not sure if it is due to someone not knowledgeable in how to upgrade, or if they are businesses refusing to upgrade to a newer version due to application compatibility. Regardless, when updating to a newer OS, the browser version will be upgraded.

Today the Internet bids another goodbye to Internet Explorer 6, whose U.S. death is inevitable. New data from Net Applications shows that less than 1% of U.S. Internet users choose IE6 as their browser of choice. And when it comes to the mobile/tablet browser market share, only 0.41% use some variation of Internet Explorer, period. iOS devices come with pre-installed Safari browsers, which make for 53.3% of the mobile browser market. Meanwhile, Opera Mini and an Android browser account for 21.66% and 15.87% of the mobile market, respectively.

I use Internet Explorer on my Windows Phone 7 device, but rarely. I don’t really go browsing the internet using my phone too often. I am sure that with the new Windows 8 tablets the mobile browser will gain some share. If it uses a mobile browser, it may just be the same as the desktop version.