Steve Ballmer–The Person

After reading this article from BusinessWeek, I have more respect for Steve Ballmer. As CEO of Microsoft, he seems like he understands his failings and is changing his style to reflect those problems. He really seems like a normal person, a guy that you could have a good conversation with – even not when discussing Microsoft. I know my perspective has changed on this guy, what about yours? I wouldn’t mind meeting the guy now. Perhaps sometime in the future.

“Four years ago, you know, I can remember statistically when we would have looked far more like the overdog in everything,” he says. “Now we’ve got battles where we’re big and strong and powerful, and we’ve got battles where other guys are moving, and it’s fun to work both from the front of the pack and from the back of the pack sometimes. They’re different kinds of competition, but they both drive you, push you.”