Microsoft Settlement Payment To Buy iPad’s

Madison, Wisconsin school district will be handing out 1,400 iPad’s this year. All of these are being purchased by Microsoft. Not directly, but due to a settlement for a consumer lawsuit, Microsoft is paying $3.4 million to the school district. While it isn’t a move to show their dislike of Microsoft, it is a punch in the face of sorts.

Whether or not you like Apple or Microsoft, what is the point of an iPad in an educational environment? Text books are available on other platforms, and have been for a while, but Apple is getting attention for their iTextbooks application. There is no fine writing skills, it’s all from the touch of a finger, without the precise and accuracy of a stylus. I have no experience with it in an educational model, other than reading (which tablets are great for – consuming media, not creating it). Any thoughts? Am I missing something?

The School District for the first time plans to buy more than 600 iPads for use in the majority of schools this spring. Another 800 iPads are expected to be in classrooms by next fall, all paid for with money from a state settlement with Microsoft.