Kinect for Windows Media Center

This is really cool. A new way to interact with Windows Media Center: Kinect for Media Center. While I won’t be using this, as I already have a Kinect for the Xbox 360 and having an additional one on the wall for the HTPC would seem a little overboard and redundant, it is a great new way to utilize your new Kinect for Windows. There still needs to be a lot more applications for the Windows version of the Kinect to make it a successful accessory to your PC. It’s a good start, though!

Kinect for Media Center is an application that interacts with my Media Center Remote Command Listener to control a Media Center computer using Hand Gestures and Voice Commands, utilizing the Kinect for Windows hardware.  The Hand Gestures and Voice Commands control the Media Center interface, as well as any add-ins running inside Media Center.  This includes popular add-ins such as Netflix, MyMovies, Media Browser, and Heatwave.