5 Things Windows 8 Needs

I found this article fairly redundant as to what everyone else has been saying. The one thing that got me thinking was the last one: “A willingness to still be a PC, and be open”. A lot of people say that Windows is a very closed operating system. This is true to a point, but applications are install them as you find them – no permission from Nanny to install them. Apple has the Apple Store to give permission to those that want to develop for their very closed operating system environment. It may make for a less secure OS, but it will keep the freedom of choice in the hands of the consumer, rather than in the big man himself. There are a lot of “questionable” applications available for Windows that I’m sure wouldn’t be allowed to be distributed through normal channels or app stores.

I do have one thing to add. I’m waiting, and hoping, that a new “jailbreak” or rooting mechanism is implemented very soon after (or before, as usually is the case) the release of the OS. I really don’t like being at the mercy of someone else’s ideas and beliefs on what is best and appropriate for me. I can name several network tools I use in my different job duties for legitimate reasons that would be considered “unethical” by some. It all depends in the application of said tools. There are a lot of tools that can be used for malice or for nice. It depends on the user. Let the user decide, not the nanny.

What do you think? Would you trade your freedom of applications for a more secure operating system?

From what we’ve heard so far, Microsoft is going to take an Apple approach to Windows 8 apps buy controlling all app distribution for Metro-style apps. This makes for a very safe app ecosystem, but also one without freedom of choice. What will this do to services like Steam, which sell games? There are many good reasons to have a secure system for purchasing apps, but shouldn’t we be able to purchase software from multiple vendors? What if Microsoft decides that it doesn’t want to sell a particular app? Shouldn’t there be the possibility that the software could be obtained from other services? Why can’t Amazon sell apps? I guarantee they’d have lower prices and nice deals. There must be a smart way to integrate third-party app distribution into Windows 8, and every other mobile OS.