Microsoft’s Fix It Pro

Microsoft has released a new Fix It website available in beta form. Dubbed “Fix It Pro”, it is available in 18 languages and covers many various Microsoft products. Now, rather than a simple fix it, it allows you to analyze the problem (read only) and find solutions for those problems. It’s pretty nice and polished from what I’ve seen so far. I’m going to be looking into it in more depth and follow up with a more detailed post and some more personal experiences.

Technet Link:

Fix It Pro website:

This is where you’ll start to realize the power of Microsoft diagnostics. The system begins to analyze specific files and targeted settings to identify known causes of Windows performance issues. Traditionally, a technician would do this manually by examining Windows system files, log files and registry settings. Fix it Center Pro can do this automatically and securely with the backing of the vast expertise of Microsoft to find known issues and return specific solutions to you.