Microsoft Roadmap Leaked

Office 15, Internet Explorer 10, Windows Phone 8 – all part of the leaked roadmap for Microsoft products. According to this, IE 10 could be released very soon, Office 15 early next year and Windows Phone 8 later this year. Good news, but nothing is shown for Windows 8 other than the long passed Developer Preview.

So, Windows Phone 8 later this year – which means Verizon should have it by 2015…. sounds about right with Verizon. IE10, hopefully allows me to set the installation directory as I have issues running it with an SSD with my Program Files on a separate drive.

Microsoft has begun sending out a roadmap that shows some details about its future software products such as Office 15, Internet Explorer 10, and Windows Phone to some of its partners. One of them, CEO of Meetroo Maarten Visser, shared part of it over Twitter, revealing said details. Dated December 22, 2011, the images weren’t password-protected. Considering the date, the Windows roadmap doesn’t mention anything past the Developer Preview and certainly not the Consumer Preview that launched on February 29.