Why Windows 8 Tablet Will Succeed

I think Windows 8 tablets will do well. Maybe not at first, but once they gain some traction, they will do very well. For one, look at the Windows ecosystem. It’s gigantic. Software that runs on your home PC will run on your tablet. Apple can’t say that. Lockergnome has a guest blogger chiming in with his thoughts on why Windows 8 tablets will rule the market place.

The two things that may hold them back: pricing and hardware. If they can bring in some high quality hardware with a beautiful display, plenty of memory and a responsive interface (leave Atom at home), and at a low price that is competitive (read: lower) than the competition, then it will be a huge success.

It is a well-known fact that Microsoft has struggled to make a mark in the tablet market. Unfortunately for Microsoft, consumer interest in Windows-based tablets has gradually declined as a result of a string of failed attempts by Microsoft to enter this market. This may all be about to change though; initial impressions of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system on tablets in action are quite positive.