Windows 8 Pro Upgrade $14.99 for Windows 7 Late Adopters

For those that are looking to buy a new PC from now until Windows 8 officially ships (I actually had a misspelling on that word, which hopefully wasn’t some future gazing) – you might want to wait a couple weeks. Starting in early June, Microsoft will be offering an upgrade to Windows 8 Professional when you buy a Windows 7 PC. Sure, it’ll cost you $15, but regardless of the version of  Windows 7, you’re upgraded to the Pro version.


Hopefully, people will want to use the upgrade and not stick with Windows 7, which I am hearing a lot of people are already claiming. What Microsoft article isn’t complete with the “The software giant….” part? I’m guilty of it, myself.

The timing of the offer coincides roughly with the release of the final Windows 8 pre-release milestone, the so-called Release Preview, which Microsoft previously said was due in the first week of June. The software giant is now expected to make Windows 8 broadly available sometime in the second half of 2012.