Skype’s Tony Bates on Microsoft

Skype is awesome. Now that it is in the hands of Microsoft, some people are worried. After seeing the Windows Phone application, I’m starting to worry. Hopefully, with the next release of the Windows Phone and a new version of Skype, things will change. Skype on other platforms, all other platforms, is really amazing and worthwhile.

Windows 8 may be another huge platform for them to take advantage of. But, I want them to release it when it’s ready – not when it needs to be out to maximize profits. Tony Bates has a few words that claim they are committed to Windows 8 and integrating more with Microsoft products. I’m on a ‘wait and see’ on this one.

On Windows Phone, Bates said that clearly Skype will have an opportunity to do some “first and best” work on Microsoft’s phone platform, though it is still focused on all major phone platforms.

“I think their phone is great,” Bates said. “I definitely think we can add value to the phone.”