Temporary Look

I am going to a default look for the site until I can get my other theme working correctly with the newest version of WordPress. Unfortunately, when I updated to 3.4, it broke many things with my current theme and a few plugins that I used and needed for the functionality of the site.

On top of that, I am also looking at moving to a new webhost. Although I didn’t think my site traffic was too high, apparently it was too much for my current host. I have a few options I may go with, but the costs are a bit more than what I am currently paying (which isn’t much, really).

Thanks for sticking around, thanks for your support, and thanks for all the great words that have been coming in! I’ve got a few things that I hope turn out for the best (although, in the past I’ve gotten bad news – this time it looks pretty swell!). I feel that the good news would really help out in bringing more great news, more hands on information, many updated KB articles, and increase my network of colleagues in the Microsoft realm. More on that in a few weeks, hopefully.

If there are any suggestions, recommendations, requests for the new site update, please let me know at dharper@mstechpages.com. I build and maintain this site to be great for the readers and make it as informative and easy to use as possible.