Windows 8 UI on Jailbroken iPhone

I have much more love for the iPhone now. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can buy a Windows 8 UI theme via the Cydia store which looks very functional. Looks pretty nice. I really love the UI on the phones. Of course, you’d still have to worry about it freezing, locking up, etc.. My wife has an iPhone and she complains about it freezing quite a bit (not jail broke – she won’t let me). My Windows Phone, on the other hand, has never had a hiccup. My old Android phone, although slow, was very stable as well.

The theme includes a Windows Phone-like lock screen complete with notifications, volume controls, and a swipe up to unlock feature. Once Metroon is activated it works in a similar way to Microsoft’s Windows 8 Start Screen, providing a launcher for apps with live tiles providing information on apps at a glance. All iOS apps can be pinned to the Metroon Start Screen and there’s even a Charms bar that appears when you swipe from the right-hand side of an iPhone or iPod Touch. A desktop tile brings you to the familiar iOS home screen and the Charms bar is once again accessible to bring you back into the Metro interface, almost identical to Windows 8’s desktop mode.