Do Not Track ‘On’ By Default

Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 will have the Do Not Track feature turned on by default. Of course, you can turn this off any time you’d like. This is good for your privacy out of the box and a great move by Microsoft.

DNT fits naturally into this process. Customers will receive prominent notice that their selection of Express Settings turns DNT “on.”  In addition, by using the Customize approach, users will be able to independently turn “on” and “off” a number of settings, including the setting for the DNT signal.  A “Learn More” link with detailed information about each recommended setting will help customers decide whether to select Express Settings or Customize. A Privacy Statement link is also available on the screen. Windows 7 customers using IE10 will receive prominent notice that DNT is turned on in their new browser, together with a link providing more information about the setting.