New Anti-Windows Campaign

With every new release of Windows comes a new set of Microsoft bashers and people trying to knock Windows down. Some of it is warranted, while others is just baseless. However, this article, while good in theory, really lost me in the first paragraph. Gabe Newell, which for the two of you that don’t know, is the head of Valve and a former Microsoft employee. Valve created one of the biggest and most well known gaming platforms using digital distribution: Steam. Steam has forged a full on attack… no: a full on war on gamers wallets during their many sales which can bring popular games down to just a few dollars.

Yea, Gabe Newell is fairly unknown to those that aren’t gamers or work with PC’s. Valve is a bit more known, as is Steam. But, they are FAR from unknown (even before he commented on Windows 8).

It’s like some twisted reality TV show. As we draw closer to Windows 8’s official release date, a parade of "D-List" industry luminaries has emerged to bash the product in exchange for their 15 minutes of fame. Names like Gabe Newell, a previously unknown co-founder from the equally obscure software firm Valve, have now become household names among the anti-Windows set. And while their arguments against Windows 8’s success ring a bit hollow, the industry media is still eager to lap up every controversial quote.