Windows Surface RT Pricing & Specs

Todays big news has been the release of the pricing and specifications of the Windows Surface RT tablets. The prices are a bit more than what people were speculating, but the specifications are about right for the price. However, I’m not sure if the pricing will allow Microsoft to get a good foothold in the tablet market or if this is just to release “reference” hardware to the masses to show what the platform can do and as a good point of reference for OEM’s.

As much as I’d really like to grab one, I can’t justify the cost knowing that the Pro models are just around the corner and will allow me to run legacy Windows applications.

64GB with Black Touch Cover – $699

32GB with Black Touch Cover – $599

32GB Surface (no cover) – $499

So how does that compare with the iPad?

Well the iPad with Wi-Fi, 16GB and of course no cover costs $499. In order to get 32GB worth of storage on an iPad the cost goes up to $599. The 64GB iPad with Wi-Fi costs $699.