C|Net Windows 8 Install Issues–Huh?!

If you are the type that likes to nitpick the little things and don’t like the “techie language” as part of your Windows OS install, this article might be great for you. The author from C|Net (which is supposedly a techie site) has some issues installing Windows 8 on his 3 year old machine. I am not sure what he was expecting from an OS install, but 44 minutes to install isn’t really that bad. My experiences on newer and older hardware has shown this to not be the norm, but it still isn’t bad.

Some muddy, techie language on the installation screen for picking an upgrade that keeps my files and apps vs a custom installation: "If you want to make changes to partitions and drives, start the computer using the installation disc." What installation disk? I’m installing off a USB drive. Fortunately, I don’t need to change partitions.

Really? Complaining about the word DISC?! Should it have gone a bit more techie with it’s language and said “installation media source”, or should it have dumbed it down to the “place wheres you has the Winda’s 8 programs, Honey Boo Boo”?

I just can’t take the article seriously. A techie website and an author that has installed many operating systems over the years comes up with these trivial little things. At least you can rest assured that if the only problem you have with Windows 8 installation is that you have to click Next a few times (THE HORROR!) and have to read through the technical instructions (DISC?! WHAT’S THAT HE’S REFERRING TO?! I GIVE UP!), then your experience should be pretty darn good!

For comparison, my install on a newer i7 2600K PC clocked in at around 12 minutes to do a clean install from a USB source (also, sometimes referred to as a USB disc, USB drive, Flash disc, flash drive, thumb drive – added that for the original authors benefit). On a Core2Duo at 2.66 GHz, I did have a bit slower of an install at ~20-25 minutes but still very positive of an experience.

Feel free to check out the original article and let me know your thoughts? Do you have troubles navigating and understanding what it being said or asked for with the Windows installation? Is it really that horrible of an install experience? Should they dumb it down even more to accommodate the users with zero technical ability or experience (why they wouldn’t take it to someone that knows more is beyond me). My thoughts: author should have went to the Geek Squad.