Why the Surface is DOOMED!

The Surface is doomed! It’s insecure, unstable and is designed around Windows. Ok, so this guy is really spewing some major FUD. But, don’t worry, he’s quick to say that the iPad can fix all these problems and you can even get an increase in productivity! This ex-programmer (assembly), tech writer has some issues with Windows, and he really shows it. He puts the failure on the Surface on the Windows operating system. Basically “It runs Windows, so it sucks!”.

I’ll admit that Windows 8 isn’t perfect. I’ve found a few flaws, but if the Surface fails, it will not be from anything this guy has said. Price? Maybe. Availability? Maybe. When reading the article, be sure to read the comments. They should really help you understand how many people can see through his huge Apple bias.

If so, you’re making a huge mistake. Because the Surface is based upon Windows, it is, and will remain, inherently unstable and insecure. That’s because Windows itself is a security and stability nightmare.