Microsoft Officially Launches has officially gone out of beta and into full time production use. A lot of people have already transferred their Hotmail to the new There is a definite improvement in the user interface, speed and options. has been in preview since last summer, drawing a lot of attention to it’s very simple yet powerful interface, lack of targeted advertising (with some shots fired at Google’s GMail in several ads) and speed.

Through the preview, Microsoft has heard a great deal about customers’ favorite features, the way they use the product, and how well is delivering on the company’s vision for modern email. For example, lets customers connect to popular social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Today, millions of people are using those features to keep up to date with friends’ contact info updates, photos and tweets. is also designed to make it easy to send hundreds of photos and videos in a single message — all powered by SkyDrive. After only six months, nearly half of all people using have already used SkyDrive to share more than half a billion photos and Office documents.