Windows 8–Love it or Hate it, say it LOUD!

Ed Bott made a post “Just how much do people hate Windows 8”, and it has created a lot of conversation in the replies. Windows 8 has a lot of people being more vocal than usual when it comes to operating systems. It seems like Microsoft is getting a lot of feedback from people that either hate it (a LOT) or those that love it (a lot less that those that hate it), and a few from those that just like it or have no opinion.

So, Microsoft definitely has word of mouth on this release, as well as a lot of feedback to go off of to build a better OS in the future. However, are they going to listen to the haters or the lovers this round?

Feel free to jump in on the conversation. Just don’t get too sore when someone that doesn’t agree with you starts bashing your opinion. I try to stay out of those type of conversations. For me, Windows 8 works excellent. It’s not without it’s faults, but I have no major complaints and use it exclusively at home. But, that’s just my opinion. For others, Windows 8 is an abomination that shouldn’t have seen the light of day in the hands of consumers. They can use it, but it makes things more difficult. Some can’t even figure it out.

So, like Windows 8 or hate it, people are being very loud in their opinions. And they will fight to the death to make sure their opinions are stated as fact (they are not….).