Windows Phone 8 Beats Blackberry

Windows Phone 8 OS has leapfrogged Blackberry OS, jumping to 3.2% market share. While it may not beat the 75% that Android has or the 17.3% that Apple has with it’s iOS for iPhone and iPad, it’s still very good. As a Windows Phone owner (also have an iPhone for work), it is one of the best cell phones I have ever used. Never a single crash, bug, reboot. It’s been a perfect phone.

Windows Phone posted the largest year-over-year gain among the leading operating systems, more than doubling its size from a year ago. Nokia was largely responsible for driving these volumes higher, accounting for 79.0% of all Windows Phone shipments during the quarter. Since Nokia began shipping Windows Phone devices, the company has shipped a total of 20.3 million units and grown the footprint worldwide to include address multiple market segments. Meanwhile, other vendors continue to offer Windows Phone devices, but mainly as an alternative to their signature Android devices. Still, the gains made by Windows Phone demonstrate both end-user demand and OEM support.