Windows Phone up 77% for the year

Windows Phone has increased sales 77% over last years sales. They are still in third place behind iOS and Android, but are still steadily increasing. The Windows Phone platform is very strong, very stable and easy to use. I would really like to see more people jumping on board and having more applications developed for it. If you’re looking for a new  phone, get into a store and play with these phones. You might be impressed.

According to the IDC’s latest numbers, Windows Phone has seen a surge of 77% year over year for device shipments (8.7M in 2013 versus 4.9M for 2012). With those numbers, Windows Phone has increased from 3.1% market share to a modest 3.7%. While iOS and Android still dominate with 13.2% and 79.3% market share respectively, Windows Phone maintains the largest year over year increase.