Kinect No Longer Required to be Connected on XBOne

The Xbox One no longer requires the Kinect to be plugged in. For me, that was not so much about the tin foil hat spying stuff, but more of ‘what happens when the Kinect breaks’ or ‘what if I block it or don’t want it sitting there’ (My first Kinect broke, I’d hate to have a $500 paperweight if that happened again)? I guess it appeases both crowds. Microsoft seems to be really listening to the consumer this round. Better shout this next: “PRICE! I WANT IT FOR $149 AT LAUNCH!”… Nah, not that lucky!

We already knew that you could turn off the Kinect, but now Microsoft says it doesn’t have to be plugged in at all. Speaking to IGN, Microsoft’s Marc Whitten shared the news that the Xbox One will indeed work without Kinect.