XBox One Library of Games Announced

The upcoming Xbox One will have a nice selection of games, some at launch and some soon after, that are exclusive to the Xbox One or exclusive for a limited time. A good list is available for those wanting to check them out, and I’m sure more will be announced as the console gets closer to launch. All these great games still have me wondering which console to get this fall…

Here are some statistics about Xbox One’s line-up of announced games:

  • 38% of titles are exclusive to Xbox One
  • 37% of titles are brand-new IP
  • 44% of titles will include either timed or exclusive content to Xbox One
  • Microsoft exclusive titles received 272 award nominations and 111 wins at E3 2013.
  • Xbox One titles earned 10 Game Critics Awards, with Xbox platform exclusive “Titanfall” taking home a record-breaking 6 awards, including “Best of Show.”

We’re really excited to see the positive response to the Xbox One games line-up and remain committed to making Xbox One the best place to play games.  Below is the complete list of announced Xbox One games – for more information, visit