Xbox One Dominates US Sales in December

Microsoft has been leading US sales charts for quite a while (32 months). Now, in December, it once again gains that top spot. This time, for the new Xbox One. Congrats to Microsoft!

In both October and November, Sony had managed to usurp Microsoft: the PlayStation 3 topped the charts in October, as Microsoft customers began cutting back on purchases. In November, Sony’s PlayStation 4 rode the launch wave to become the most popular console in America in terms of sales. But that also left just nine days (as the Xbox One was launched on Nov. 22) for Microsoft to catch up; the company sold 909,132 Ones during that time.

Surprisingly, Microsoft actually sold fewer Ones during December than those nine days in November:  908,000 units, according to NPD data that Microsoft released. But that was good enough to boost Microsoft to the top of the U.S. console market once again.