Tech Writer Gives up XP Finally

This tech writer from C|Net finally gives up Windows XP, after worrying about the transition. C|Net has disappointed me in the past, but a person that writes about technology that hasn’t left XP yet? Unless there was some major reason for not upgrading (old hardware not compatible), then I don’t understand the wait for someone that is in the technology field. Most tech writers I know either upgrade to the latest and greatest (at least in a VM or a second PC) or stay a version behind. But, staying with XP through 3 (.1) releases (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1)? That seems a bit much. 

For those home users still on XP, it might be time to upgrade. For those in the tech industry that haven’t upgraded yet for no reason other than “you’re nervous” – get to it!

I’ll admit it. The thought of having to adjust to a new interface made my palms a little sweaty. Yes, yes, I can hear it now: "Wow, Amanda, you’re such a wimp. It’s just an OS upgrade." There’s some truth to that. I was totally wimping out on upgrading, but we’re all creatures of habit and it’s hard to say farewell to something that’s been a part of my daily work life for more than a decade.