Big Upcoming Update for Windows Phone 8.1

The new Windows Phone update, which brings it to Windows Phone 8.1, looks to be a big one and has a lot of new features. Ars has even said it should be a larger update version – to Windows Phone 9, but it it trying to keep in line with the desktop Windows versions. I'm hoping by the time I upgrade to the Nokia Icon, the new update will be available. I am very impressed and happy with my current HTC 8X, but the Icon looks amazing. 

8.1 is set to address a lot of missing user features. Some are much-demanded capabilities. Action Center will provide centralized notification management to see historic alerts, missed notifications, and so on, and it will also provide quick access to things like airplane mode. 8.1 will support different volume settings for music and for notifications. Google Calendars with multiple calendars will be supported. There will be a full-featured podcast app.