Windows Threshold to Cater to Desktop Users

With all the shouting at Microsoft for taking away the Start Menu from desktop users, it seems that Microsoft has caved in. Starting with Windows Threshold, possibly to be named Windows 9, they are going to be making changes to satisfy the desktop users. Those that typically use a mouse and keyboard versus a touch screen device. This should appease many users, including the many enterprises holding out on Windows 8 due to the huge UI changes.

The Desktop/laptop SKU of Threshold will include, as previously rumored, the Mini-Start menu — a new version of the traditional Microsoft Start menu, an early concept of which Microsoft showed off at the company’s Build developers conference in April. It also will include the ability to run Metro-Style/Windows Store apps in windows on the Desktop. Will it turn off completely the Metro-Style Start screen with its live-tile interface, as Neowin is reporting, and make the tiled Start screen a toggleable option from the Mini Start menu? I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised.