Windows 9 “Confirmed” to be Announced Next Week

A French Microsoft executive has accidentally revealed that Windows 9 will be revealed next week at Microsoft’s big event on September 30th. While I think most of us already assumed that’s what the hoopla was all about, I guess now we have a somewhat more official (yet still not an official announcement) confirmation. Also, the name still might not stick – Windows 9, Windows Threshold, or just plain old Windows.

Although Microsoft is widely expected to reveal Windows 9 next week, the company is staying tight-lipped on its exact plans for the September 30 press event.

Unfortunately, Microsoft France President Alain Crozier didn’t get the memo. Speaking at a press event on Tuesday, Crozier said Microsoft would reveal “Windows 9” next week. His comments were first spotted by WPCentral, and TechCrunch confirmed that the translation from French was accurate.