Windows 8 About to Bypass Windows XP in Market Share

Windows XP is set to drop below the market share for Windows 8. There are a lot of hold outs still running Windows XP & Windows 7, but Windows 8/8.1 is still gaining market share and is going to be overtaking the long lived XP very soon. Oddly enough, Linux is still very low – even below Vista or Windows NT. Of course, this could be the year of the Linux desktop!

Finally, Windows 7 remains the clear market leader with 53.05 percent of the market. There’s also the “other” category of operating systems that didn’t make the graph. These include Windows Vista (2.82 percent), Windows NT (1.64 percent), Linux (1.41 percent), and Mac OS X 10.10 (1.18 percent). All the numbers are based on tracking visits to websites.