Microsoft Hasn’t Forgotten About Windows Phone

For those of us with Windows Phones, we sometimes feel left out. Not only from certain app’s, but from support from Microsoft themselves. Joe Belfiore has tried to reassure fans that Microsoft is not ignoring Windows Phone users, and there is a bright future ahead. I tend to agree with Paul Thurrott here –

Don’t live in China? Then you’ll thrill to learn that Microsoft is also working hard to improve Windows Phone … specifically for China. That stuff will be revealed in the coming months and … whatever.

I assume and hope that Belfiore is simply trying to keep a lid on what Microsoft will announce later this month and that 2015 will be nothing like 2014. But as a long-suffering Windows Phone fan, I’ve received precious little good news this past year. I do understand the need to attract the next billion. But let’s not actually forget about your current users and biggest fans in the process, Microsoft. Please.